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  • Massive 2,800 grams of tension
  • Includes 16 way Ultimate Comfort System
  • Backed by a money back guarantee
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Are you ready to take your penis size and performance to the next level?

  • Whether you're looking to increase your penis size, correct curvature of the penis or simple attain stronger, harder erections that lead to better performance in the bedroom, SizeGenetics gives you the potential to take your manhood to the next level.
  • The SizeGenetics penis traction device has been safely and successfully helping thousands of men for more than 19 years and has been exhaustively tested and consistently shown to help men achieve permanent gains in both length and girth.
  • Designed using MDA technology (Multi Directional Angling) to allow the ability to wear the SizeGenetics from any conceivable angle to ensure ultimate comfort, this durable, light weight penis extender has also been clinically tested and assessed under the Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC) and subsequently awarded certification as a type 1 medical device.

SizeGenetics has been made with simplicity and results in mind. Made with high quality, medical grade components, this Medical Type 1 Device has been endorsed by penis enlargement surgeons, reviewed and recommended by top male enhancement communities as well as being featured in mags such as GQ and Men's Health.

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  • Features

    Includes 2,800g smooth tension as standard, spring loaded joints and carries the European CE health stamp

  • Features

    No pills or potions, this type 1 medical device was originally developed to help men with penile curvature and micro penis syndrome

  • Features

    Delivered discreetly to your home to ensure ultimate discretion and privacy, we're also offering free shipping for a limited time only

  • Features

    Has been designed to be simple to use and light weight - perfect for wearing discreetly under clothing for long periods of time

Top Questions About SizeGenetics

Not sure if SizeGenetics is right for you?
Check out some of the frequently asked questions we get asked!

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    Does the SizeGenetics hurt? Is wearing the SizeGenetics uncomfortable? Actually it does not hurt at all, it actually feels a little weird at first but within a day or two you get used to it and it is quite comfortable to wear over a long period of time – by no means does it hurt.

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    Do you have to wear the SizeGenetics for a long time? The short answer is yes. The included instruction manual recommends that you should wear the device for approximately 6-12 hours every day, however results can be achieved with just 4 to 6 hours usage per day. For optimal gains we recommend you wear SizeGenetics for at least 5 days per week for 4 – 6 months for optimum penis length gains.

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    When You Use the SizeGenetics for a Long Time, Are the Results Permanent? Absolutely, however the results you achieve in terms of actual length and girth gained will depend entirely on how dedicated you are to the program and how regularly you use your SizeGentics device.

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    Is it beneficial to supplement with something like TestoZone while you are using the SizeGenetics for length gains? The answer to this is absolutely YES. Think of it like a bodybuilder – when he is done his workouts he uses supplements to help solidify his gains, the same thing applies with the SizeGenetics or other extender devices. The likes of TestoZone aren't essential to your gains however can improve your ability to achieve gains in length, girth and sexual confidence.

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    I need help! How do I contact SizeGenetics? Simply pick up the phone and give us a call and we'll answer any questions you might have about SizeGenetics.

    US & Canada: 1-(646)-918-1447
    UK & Direct: +44 (0)115 769 0209

    Alternatively why not send us an email?

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    Do SizeGenetics offer any exclusive discount codes? Yes! Simply use discount code SIZE10 to get an exclusive $10 (or equivalent currency value) off when you order a SizeGenetics System and (for a limited time) free shipping! Simply enter this code at the checkout before the countdown ends to claim!

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Customer Testimonials

SizeGenetics is truly amazing, but why take our word for it? Check out our testimonials from across the globe – people just like you who use SizeGenetics to extend length and girth by inches!

  • I started using your traction device in late February. At that time my erections measured at 6”. After the first month I noticed an increase in blood flow. Now 4 months later, I have gained 1” on my erect measurements! I’m completely satisfied with your product and will continue to use to get even more gains!

    Pete Kirshaw

    Disclaimer: results may vary from user to user
  • After four months of use, I am amazed by the results. Even my wife is please, as she smiled and hugged me upon seeing my most recent measurements. Starting the program, my measurement were a erect length of 4.4 inches and erect girth of 4.3 inches. My current measurements are now a erect length of 6.5 inches, and erect girth of 5.0 inches.

    Jon Galvin

    Disclaimer: results may vary from user to user
  • I could not believe my eyes! I am 30 years old and had always felt that my erection size was below average. I tried various devices in the part and none of them really worked until I came across the Size Genetics penis enlarger. After only a couple of weeks I noticed that my erections were a lot harder and stronger. My orgasms were more intense and overall my sex life was more enjoyable.

    Jim Sharpe

    Disclaimer: results may vary from user to user
  • From day one the device was VERY easy to use and felt very comfortable. I was able to wear it every day without discomfort. As for the gains I am extremely excited about them! Any man that has doubts needs to give this a chance because it TRULY can work and work very well!!

    Chris Richardson

    Disclaimer: results may vary from user to user
  • I noticed a shocking ½ inch gain after the first two weeks! I continued using the device and even though my gains did not continue at that pace, I began to see regular gains at the average rate seen by the studies on the SizeGenetics website. By the end of 4 months I have gained a full inch in my erect state and now sit at 6”, I am excited to see how far I can go with this device!

    Richard Phenoix

    Disclaimer: results may vary from user to user

This site contains numerous testimonials, which are all examples of results achieved by real users. Testimonials may be edited for clarity and in some cases actors have been used to read written testimonials submitted by our customers or stock photography. Results may vary from user to user.

Our Guarantee

We’re so confident that SizeGenetics will work for you, we give every valued customer a full
money back guarantee.

Simply contact our customer support team after 1000 hours of use of your purchase and we’ll simply give you your money back if SizeGenetics hasn’t worked for you! T&C's apply

We know our amazing penis enlargement device works and now you can buy SizeGenetics in confidence, knowing you’ll achieve the results you want and deserve.

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What Are You Waiting For?

Say goodbye to your average penis size, and hello to permanent gains in length & girth!

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Always read the product directions before use. As with other products, seek professional advice before using if you suffer from food allergies, and consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have an underlying medical condition (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, hyperthyroidism), or if on medication.

This site contains numerous testimonials, which are all examples of results achieved by real users. Testimonials may be edited for clarity and in some cases actors have been used to read written testimonials submitted by our customers or stock photography. Results may vary from user to user.